Founded in 1927, Nurus is among leading professional furniture manufacturers and has more than 50 dealerships. Awarded by Design Management Europe with dedication of the management of design and holds more than 50 design awards, including Red Dot Design, IF Product Design, Good Design, German Design and Universal Design Award, Nurus prioritises motivation in the workplace and helps boost employee productivity by creating solutions that focus on the user.

Nurus owns the first certificated R&D center in the field of office furniture in Turkey. Acoustic system researches and improvements are held in the R&D center and acoustic parameters, absorption or generation sound levels of materials, are measured in the acoustic chamber. Being aware about the importance of the equipment and materials conformance to safe international standards, Nurus concentrates on the wellness in workplaces.

Nurus transforms today’s and future workspaces into flexible, free and mobile spaces with Nurus Links®, which decreases the cost of setting up a new working and meeting spaces, and remove both the cable mess and the extra cost. ‘Nurus Links’, exclusive to Nurus products, is a way to match the electronics to the furnitures. Quick and accurate charging abilities coupled with multimedia extensions bring speed and ease into daily operations.

Nurus displays great attention to reducing negative effects on the environment in each of its stages, starting from supplies to manufacture and packaging to deliveries. The Nurus Digital Chain® process management system, it has developed under integrated project management and logistic services, helps show utmost care to high-quality production and energy efficiency.